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Carnival Cruise Lines puts small print on it's Cruise Tickets that requires all victims of Carnival Cruise Lines to sue in the City of Miami, Florida, and in Miami-Dade County, Florida. That small print is called a "Forum Selection Clause".

The United States Supreme Court in
Carnival Cruise Lines v. Shute said that the small print, the "Forum Selection Clause" is binding, and all lawsuits filed against Carnival in any other city, are dismissed.

Two families were intentionally given E-Coli Drinking Water by Carnival on the Carnival Legend, and pursuant to the Forum Selection Clause, filed sue in the Miami U.S. District Court.

For a year they had Federal Crime, after Federal Crime, committed against them. Carnival's Attorneys made a Fake Settlement to STEAL the victim's evidence, Carnival Attorneys, and Carnival Officials, freely committed perjury, with the blessing of U.S. District Court Judge James I. Cohn, and Judge Cohn's Court mocked well-settled law.

Shocked at finding the Miami Federal Court was a cess-pool of corruption the victims filed motions asking the Court to provide all ties between the Court, and Carnival Cruise Lines. The victims also filed motions complaining about the Federal Crimes, the Perjury, and Obstruction.

Judge James I Cohn refused to address a single motion filed by the victims while he quickly acted on every motion filed by Carnival.

The Lawsuit was clearly being fixed by a very corrupt judge, owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, engaging in the Misprision of Felonies, which is the covering up of Federal Crimes.

After nearly a year the victims discovered by accident on the internet that U.S. District Court Judge James I. Cohn is a U.S. District Court Judge in Fort Lauderdale Florida, which is in Borward County.

There was NO JURISDICTION, or lawful reason, for the lawsuit to be in Fort Lauderdale!

The victims filed a Motion for Judge Cohn to abide by the United States Supreme Court, and the Forum Selection Clause, and to return the case to the lawful Court in Miami.

Attorneys for Carnival got all excited that the victims had discovered that their lawsuit had been illegally, secretly transfered to Fort Lauderdale, without the victims knowledge, or consent, and sent an E-Mail to the Carnival Victims saying the case was still in Miami. Click here to see E-mail.

Three days after the head of Carnival's Law Firm sent the victims an E-Mail claiming the lawsuit was being litigated in Miami, Carnival filed a motion admitted it had lied, and now claiming the case was in Fort Lauderdale pursuant to the "
Policy" of the Miami U.S. District Court. See Victims motion.

Judge Cohn refused to even address the motion filed by the victims demanding that the Court comply with the Forum Selection Clause, and dismissed the case.

For a year Judge Cohn, a Fort Lauderdale U.S. District Court Judge, had intentionally deceived the victims by sending his Court ORDERS in an Official Court Envelope with a return address for the U.S. District Court in Miami, instead of honestly using the envelopes of his Fort Lauderdale Court.

Why would a Fort Lauderdale U.S. District Court Judge even have envelopes for a different U.S. District Court in another city, let along fraudulently use those envelopes ?

Judge James I. Cohn should be arrested and put in Federal Prison.

Why would a Fort Lauderdale Judge be sitting over a case, required by law to be in a different Court, in Miami ?

None of the parties in the lawsuit had any ties,
or jurisdiction, in Fort Lauderdale, and none of the incidents occurred in Fort Laderdale, and all parties had submitted, and agreed, to jurisdiction SOLELY in Miami, in a different city, and different county.

The Carnival Victims learned the motive for Judge Cohn fixing the case for Carnival.

On the internet they learned that Judge James I. Cohn is a strongly religious Jewish Judge, and that his religion has Hate Names for Non-Jews, and that Jewish Judges are
REQUIRED by their religion to fix cases for their "Jewish Brothers", because Non-Jews are considered to be similar to cattle, not worthy of honesty, or fair treatment.

It is a violation of the PROHIBITION requiring a Seperation of Church and State to have a Jewish Judge, that hates Non-Jews, has Hate Names for Non-Jews, and is REQUIRED by his religion to be dishonest towards the Non-Jew, to judge a case between a Jewish-Owned Corporation that has sent billions of dollars to Israil, and set up all kinds of chairities for Jews, and a Non-Jew Victim of that Jewish Corporation.

So where is the A.C.L.U. ???????


For Immediate Release
September 17, 2013

Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Billy Kidwell, and his family, constantly read in newspapers, and other news media, how Carnival Cruise Lines had a 100% Vacation Guarantee, that according to all the newspapers was "The Best in the Business".

All you had to do was tell the information desk on the Carnival Ship, prior to landing at the first port, that you wanted to invoke the Vacation Warranty and they would refund your money, and fly you home, according to the highly publizied warranty.

Believing the news media the Kidwell Family took a cruise only to find the water unfit to drink, the meats on the ship "tainted", the Room Service Food serving moldy chips, and sandwichs made with old stale bread, after a four to five hour wait for Room Service, and everyone on the ship getting sick from a Gastrointestional Illness, that turned out to be E-Coli.

Finding a Carnival Cruise to the worst Vacation they had every experienced, the Kidwell Family, the Hubbert Family that had traveled with them, and scores of other passengers, went, and formed a long line at the Carnival Legend's Information Desk, seeking to invoke the Highly Advertised Vacation Warranty.

Carnival Refused to honor their Warranty.

Now the "
Trusted" News Media is at it again!

CNN, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, UPI, and scores of other News Media are
Intentionally Deceiving the Public and running Fraudulent News Articles claiming that Carnival has a new deal where they will give you a 110% Refund if you apply within the first 24 hours of your cruise, and all these News Media are lying to the public claiming it is some Great Deal.

CNN, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and UPI, know Carnival does not honor their advertised warranties, they know this "New" Vacation Guarantee is only a rehashing of Carnival's Old Vacation Guarantee, and actually not nearly as good since the old Vacation Warranty that gave passengers until the first port to invoke it, which is usually longer than the 24 hours this "
New" Vacation Warranty provides.

Because Carnival Cruise Lines spreads tens of millions of advertising dollars around, the News Media are passing off a News Release by Carnival,
that the News Media know is nothing but a Con Game to cheat the public, as being a News Story from "a trusted source for News", according to the hype on the UPI internet website.

When five Carnival Cruise Victims filed suit in Miami against Carnival for
NOT honoring Carnival's Vacation Warranty not one of the named news media would publish a story about the lawsuit, or even return an E-Mail to the victims.

CNN, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and UPI, are not honest enough to tell you that!

When the five victims had evidence stolen from them with a Fake Settlement Scheme by Dishonest Carnival Cruise Lines Attorneys not one of those News Media would publish the story, despite the victims having indisputable evidence proving Carnival Attorneys committed Federal Obstruction Crimes to steal evidence from Carnival Cruise Lines Victims.

And recently when those same Carnival Victims discovered that Carnival Victim Lawsuits that were REQUIRED by the Forum Selection Clause of the Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger Ticket to be litigated in the City of Miami, were being illegally secretly transfered to Fort Lauderdale to a Jewish Judge that fixed cases for the Jewish-Owned Carnival Cruise Lines
NOT ONE of the News Media would make the public aware of those crimes.

CNN, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and UPI, are publishing "
Favorable" News Releases for Carnival Cruise Lines, that are really Con Games by Carnival to Cheat the Public, and passing them off as being researched, honest, News Articles, when they are no more than Fraudulent Advertising.

Meanwhile, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and UPI have the nerve to lie to the public and fraudulently claim that they are "A Trusted Source for News".

A massive Organzied Crime Rico Lawsuit has been filed against Carnival Cruise Lines for Racketeering in the Miami United States District Court, Case 13-22707-CIV-Altonaga.

Lets see if even one of those "
trusted" News Media are honest enough to publish a substantial story about Carnival's DOCUMENTED Organized Crime Activities.


For Immediate Release
Cruise Lines Public Safety Commission

CDC Vessel Sanitation Inspection Reports prove that from May 8, 2011 to November 11, 2012, at least 165,672 Passengers, on 78 Carnival Legend Cruises, were intentionally endangered, and harmed, by the CDC, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

If you took a cruise on the Carnival Legend from May 8, 2011 to November 11, 2012 you may have become deathly ill due to the many Imminent Health Risks.

Please check out our Public Safety Alerts Page for more information.

Welcome to the Cruise Lines Public Safety Commission.

There is a culture of corruption in the Cruise Industry with Carnival Cruise Lines being one of the worst offenders. Carnival Cruise Lines has spread so much money around to "
influence" the Government Watchdogs, and the Courts, that the Center for Disease Control is "Owned" by the cruise industry, and Cruise Line Victims, without attorneys, are abused, and raped, in the Federal Court System in Miami.

This Cruise Ship Safety Commission was founded by Carnival Cruise Lines Victims that were almost killed, due to massive filth, and diseases, on the Carnival Legend, caused by a complete lack of Government Regulation over the cruise industry, and massive corruption in the Center for Disease Control, which knew the Potable Water, and Recreational Water Facilities on the Carnival Legend were not safe, nor fit, for humans, and refused to warn the public, nor issue Do Not Sail
ORDERS, as required by the CDC's OWN Rules, because of the CDC's extremely close "relationship" with the cruise industry.

Although the Cruise Lines Public Safety Commission was founded by Carnival Cruise Lines Victims, our goal is to impartially, and honestly, report Health Hazards in the entire cruise industry, as we gain members, and the ability to do so.

The CDC is too corrupt to protect the public. The Coast Guard is under Political Pressure to allow unsafe Cruise Ships to operate, and public records prove that the Senate Committee on transportation, including the recently vocal Senator Rockefeller, have received large sums of money from Carnival, and the cruise industry.

Even the Federal Court System is under the influence of Carnival's vast wealth, and political power, with the United States District Court in Miami harassing victims that sue Carnival.

With the public's help, it is our hope that the Cruise Lines Public Safety Commission can expose Imminent Health Risks,
before thousands of innocent Cruise Ship Passengers are made ill, and that we can get substantial exposure of the massive corruption, to actually get government agencies to start doing their jobs, and hopefully even clean up the massive corruption, and filth, in the Cruise Industry, and in the United States District Court in Miami, where most Cruise Victims are forced to go to sue, because of the Dishonest, Unfair, "Forum Shopping", Cruise Passenger Ticket Contract(s).

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